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Organic Cotton Sateen Complete Crib/Toddler Sheet Sets w/print - Evelyn

Organic Cotton Sateen Complete Crib/Toddler Sheet Sets w/print - Evelyn

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100% GOTS - Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

These sheets are made of 100% organic cotton that's raised sustainably, from the White Lotus Homes farms to your bed. That means they are:

  • Pesticide and insecticide free
  • 100% Natural and biodegradable
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly, consuming 91% less water to grow than regular cotton
  • Ethical, protecting farmers from pesticide exposure

Our sheets are designed to age like a fine wine instead of an expensive beer. All of our sheets are made of 230-thread count cotton that gets softer and softer every time you wash it.

Aside from being super soft and comfy, these sheets are wonderful for a number of more practical reasons too. They are:

  • Light and breathable, which makes them a great fit for sweaty sleepers
  • More comfortable and healthier than synthetic alternative like polyester
  • Vegan, sustainable, and ethically made for a 100% guilt-free purchase

Like all the product from White Lotus Homes, our sheets are made right here in the US, so you always feel good about knowing you're buying from.

Dyeing Process: "Low-impact fiber-reactive or natural dyes with low metal and sulfur content'

Printing Process: "Low-impact or natural pigments with no heavy metals."



1 Fitted Sheet (28 x 54 x 6)

1 Flat Sheet (42 x 72)


Care Instruction

Sheets may be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and dried on low, though line drying is preferable.


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