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Organic Cotten Sateen Complete Crib/Toddler Sheets Set - Natural

Organic Cotten Sateen Complete Crib/Toddler Sheets Set - Natural

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100% GOTS - Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

These sheets are made of 100% organic cotton that's raised sustainably, from the White Lotus Homes farms to your bed. That means they are:

  • Pesticide and insecticide free
  • 100% Natural and biodegradable
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly, consuming 91% less water to grow than regular cotton
  • Ethical, protecting farmers from pesticide exposure

Our sheets are designed to age like a fine wine instead of an expensive beer. All of our sheets are made of 230-thread count cotton that gets softer and softer every time you wash it.

Aside from being super soft and comfy, these sheets are wonderful for a number of more practical reasons too. They are:

  • Light and breathable, which makes them a great fit for sweaty sleepers
  • More comfortable and healthier than synthetic alternative like polyester
  • Vegan, sustainable, and ethically made for a 100% guilt-free purchase

Like all the product from White Lotus Homes, our sheets are made right here in the US, so you always feel good about knowing you're buying from.




1 Fitted Sheet (28 x 54 x 6)

1 Flat Sheet (42 x 72)


Care Instruction

Sheets may be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and dried on low, though line drying is preferable.



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